It has been my privilege to serve families in the Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities community for many years.  My background and work experience caring for and providing assistance to individuals needing special care has led me to a lifelong passion to serve.

I believe one of the most important aspects of caring for an individual is the ability to identify ways to ensure the best possible outcomes and establish a plan to achieve them. Everyone wants his or her loved one to be safe, happy, cared for and enjoy the highest quality of life possible at home. I have been fortunate to be able to provide that assurance to many families.

Having worked closely with clinicians and teams of medical professionals, I have learned first hand the importance of good care, from the medical provider as well as the ongoing care at home. Managing daily routines, scheduling multiple therapies, medical and personal appointments, preparing meals and taking care of all other activities of daily living can be overwhelming for family members and often leaves little time for enjoyment.

Working with families to provide options, resources and assistance that result in good outcomes has been very rewarding and has strengthened my passion as a Client Care Manager.

At Home Care Assistance of Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities, we help by providing trained caregivers who truly care about the uniqueness of your family’s needs and how they can assist.  Service is available in a loved one’s home, a family member’s home, or in an independent or assisted living environment.  If you are ready to learn more, I would love to set up a free, no-obligation appointment.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I look forward to speaking with you soon.



I am passionate about giving back to people and assisting patients, families and caregivers with their healthcare needs. I was raised by my grandmother. It was then that I realized working with the aging population was where my true passion lies. I’m excited to utilize my personal experiences, strong work ethic, and expertise to advocate for my clients and their families by providing the best caregivers. My goal as an Employee Care Manager is to hire, train and coordinate our caregiving staff to assist families with their loved ones by providing the very best care available. I look forward to working with you and your family.



Jared Caplan is one of the latest influencers in the long-term care/healthcare space in Park Cites, Texas. Having been admitted to Alpha Iota Delta honor society for his graduate work in decision sciences at the College of Business Administration at Georgia State University, he proceeded to work in marketing, real estate and health care as a professional business manager and owner/operator. Pursuing his passion to make powerful, positive impacts on the lives of older adults and their families, founding and serving as the General Manager of Home Care Assistance of Park Cites was a natural fit.

Most recently in 2018, with Caplan at the helm, Home Care Assistance of Park Cites, was honored to receive the Leader in Excellence Award which was bestowed on the top 5% of over 2,700 participating home care agencies. Additionally, in 2018, Jared was elected to serve on both the Franchise Advisory Council for Home Care Assistance as well as the board of directors of Park Cites Area Parkinsonism Society.

Jared provides the leadership to enable the highest standard of care in the homes of older adults by care managers and caregivers trained in the Balanced Care Method™, Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ and Music & Memory™ which was previously unavailable in the Park Cites market.

In his free time, Jared enjoys family time with his wife Stacy and his two daughters, Hannah and Emily.

Grateful for the hundreds of families and business owners that trust the care of their loved ones and businesses to his leadership, Jared focuses on being the market leader in the industry by being an early adopter and an innovator.

Caplan previously served on the board of directors of The Arc of Park Cites, Park Cites Jewish Community Center, Park Cites Hebrew Free Loan, coached his daughter’s soccer teams and was recognized for his outstanding storytelling and wisdom as the Kathakaar of the Hannah Montana Y Princess Tribe. As a founding member of the Park Cites Leadership Council, over a four year period, Caplan created, championed and led the holiday party for adults with intellectual disabilities.



I am a current resident of Carrollton Texas. I have a bachelor's degree in business administration with over seventeen years of nursing experience. In my seventeen years tenure as a nurse, I have garnered over six years medical office experience, five plus in long-term geriatric care, four years clinical and nurse management experience, three years of social work experience and I have four year’s experience as a director for skilled nursing and restorative care. My drive, ambition, and zeal to help, while contributing in any way I can to the geriatric community and families are just a few reasons why I have developed a true passion to give back to my community.

Over the years in my profession, I have noticed in too many cases that the elderly are neglected and ignored. I think that in order to be a true asset and of true value to any career, you have to truly have a passion for it as well as morals, standards, and respect for other people. My background in a variety of areas allows me to adapt quickly and function most efficiently here at Home Care Assistance.

My background in nursing and social work is used to provide resources to our clients as well as problem solving in the Dallas County area. Please feel free to give our office a call for a free consultation at your most convenient location and time. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you.