Compassionate Alzheimer’s Care for Seniors in Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities

It’s natural for families to feel overwhelmed when they first learn their loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to the concern they have for their loved one, they suddenly have to plan for the best way to provide care as the disease progresses. Many families want to take on the responsibility themselves, but the challenges of caring for a loved one with a devastating disease such as Alzheimer’s are often more than families can manage on their own.

Alzheimer's Care University Park
University Park Alzheimer's Care

Fortunately, help is just a phone call away. For many families, enlisting the assistance of a professional Alzheimer’s home caregiver can rekindle a sense of hope and possibility. At Home Care Assistance of Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities, TX, our experienced caregivers help seniors with Alzheimer’s maintain their dignity while living at home in comfort and safety. Our revolutionary holistic approach boosts cognitive health, alleviates anxiety, and strives to allow seniors to exercise as much independence as they can.


The dedicated Alzheimer’s caregivers from Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities Home Care Assistance have years of experience and specialized expertise, which enables them to provide the highest quality of care to seniors with Alzheimer’s and deliver it with empathy and kindness. Seniors with memory-related conditions need consistent mental stimulation, and an experienced in-home caregiver who has extensive training in Alzheimer’s care can be a valuable source of support. Caregivers also boost emotional health by providing a vital sense of companionship for seniors with Alzheimer’s, who often experience anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Our caregivers are devoted to helping seniors live happier, healthier lives, so they focus on all the elements that make up the whole person: physical, mental, and emotional.
Our hourly caregivers are happy to assist your loved one with everyday tasks, including:

  • Bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Providing reminders to take medication
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Light housekeeping, such as laundry and dishes
Alzheimer's Care Highland Park Texas
Alzheimer's Care University Park TX

Some seniors with Alzheimer’s are able to remain independent for a long time, while others require continual monitoring and help with the tasks of daily living. No matter what your loved one’s needs are, we can help. We provide both hourly and live-in care, and we’ll help you create your own customized plan that suits your family’s unique needs. Our caregivers can come in for a few hours a day, or they can be with your loved one 24/7, making sure he or she is always safe and comfortable.

Specialized Methods Boost Cognitive Health

We train all of our Alzheimer’s caregivers at Home Care Assistance Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities in our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), an activities-based program that boosts cognitive health with enjoyable brain-engaging tools such as games and puzzles. Targeted activities encourage brain activity, sharpen mental focus, and slow the rate of cognitive decline, and the opportunity to accomplish new tasks promotes self-esteem.

Alzheimer's Care Highland Park
Highland Park Alzheimer's Care

Discover How We Can Help Your Loved One

Every senior with Alzheimer’s deserves high-quality care, and it can be a challenge for families to manage without help. Home Care Assistance can be your trusted partner in meeting that challenge. You can rely on the compassionate and dedicated caregivers from Home Care Assistance in Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities to keep your loved one safe while managing the symptoms of the disease. We’re available any time, day or night, so call us at (214) 363-3400 to learn how we can create a personalized care plan that’s just right for you and your loved one.