Hospital to Home Care – Promoting a Faster, Smoother, and Full Recovery

When an elderly patient is hospitalized for a medical procedure or illness, their recovery can be lengthy and painful. If your elderly parent or loved one is scheduled to receive hospital treatment or has recently been admitted due to a fall, accident or illness, Home Care Assistance offers Hospital to Home Care that begins with a FREE Discharge Planning Consult in order to promote a faster recovery for seniors in the comfort of their home.

University Park Post-Hospital Care
Post-Hospital Care University Park

Successful Hospitalization Requires Advanced Problem Solving

After being discharged from the hospital, 35% of seniors are readmitted after only 90 days.

For older adults, hospital readmission is frequently a result of not being able to follow the doctor’s diet, exercise, recovery, and medication prescriptions, orders, and recommendations after discharge.

The hospital can be an intimidating place for anyone facing an illness or recovering from an injury. Having around the clock or short shift one-on-one support can alleviate discomfort, speed up the recovery process and reduce instances of re-hospitalization after an older adult returns home.

Avoid Hospital Readmission with Hospital to Home Care

Beginning with Hospital Sitting and continuing through Discharge Planning, the transition home and providing in-home care, our Client Care Managers and Caregivers cooperate with family members, medical professionals, and the hospital staff to create and deliver a customized service plan designed to increase comfort and hasten a successful recovery.

Our Client Care Manager and Caregivers can provide the support you need before you or your loved one is discharged from the hospital to help plan for and ensure a smooth transition. If your loved one is staying in the hospital, an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility or a nursing home, our caregivers can provide short shift or 24-hour assistance with personal care.

We offer hourly care and live-in home care to accommodate whatever level of care is required. We help our clients avoid readmission and have a faster recovery period by ensuring our clients:

  • Follow their medication administration schedule prescribed by their doctor
  • Attend all follow-up appointments
  • Eat an appropriate diet and participate in therapy exercises
  • Receive encouragement, support and companionship throughout the recovery process
Post-Hospital Care Highland Park
Post-Hospital Care in Highland Park

Peace of Mind with Care that Families Can Trust

Home Care Assistance of Park Cites understands the value of a strong support system. Our caregivers respect the family unit and include them in the plan of care. Family members are invited to ask questions, make care recommendations and get to know their loved one’s caregiver. This approach to forming relationships helps family members to feel comfortable leaving their loved ones when our caregivers are present, and it allows them to get the rest they need to provide effective support. With Home Care Assistance, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Take Control to Provide Relief and Recovery

Because our clients need us on their terms, our caregivers are available anytime or anywhere. Home Care Assistance is the preferred provider of hospital care by both Park Cites Metroplex families and medical professionals.  Contact a Client Care Manager at (214) 363-3400 to discuss a “Hospital to Home” transition plan that will allow for a quicker and more relaxing recovery and help to avoid hospital readmission.

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Highland Park Post-Hospital Care