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Misty L., May 5, 2021

This is a top-notch company that genuinely cares for their clients. I absolutely would recommend them

Greg S., March 23, 2021

The staff was caring, thoughtful, and professional. They took great care of my mother in her last months. She thought of them as friends. Their care allowed...

Aida D., January 26, 2020

Jared and his team provide awesome service with excellent care. I would recommend them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Kemeshia Foster, January 19, 2022

Home Care Assistance has great culture ,very inclusive and fostering sense of community. Great management work -life balance. Management goes above and beyond for the well-being of their clients and offer support for their caregivers. We have some amazing compassionate people on the team .

Ms.tantalizingtori, January 18, 2022

Sunday Akinboye, January 15, 2022

Jack Ramos, December 26, 2021

B Haxton, December 9, 2021

Jared was great to work with. Very professional group there.

Nate Stevens, December 9, 2021

Nancy Clay, December 6, 2021

The minute HCA was introduced to my family we have received the highest in excellence in care for my parents. When my parents became unable to care for themselves, HCA has provide a team that is honest , trained and professional. HCAhas just been a blessing for our family. I just feel incredibly lucky to have them in my parents home. I am completely secure that all is taken care of including the pets. HCA continues to outdo themselves when ever an issue arises in the complicated situation of caregiving to elderly who want to stay in their home with respect and compassion. I really can’t say enough for the wonderful group

Emmanuel Akomeah, November 10, 2021

Lillian Gilbert, October 28, 2021

Not easy at start but eventually got a GREAT caregiver who is very dedicated, punctual, loves her job, a people person, and very bright ... she will go far. I wish I could keep her to my dying days :-)

LeAnn Horowitz, October 22, 2021

Ali Wood, October 11, 2021

The dedication and utter professionalism with the caretakers from home care assistance is top notch! Not only did they reply within minutes but they were available on site within hours. What a blessing to our community!

John R. Bair, September 27, 2021

I have been blown away by the professionalism and expertise of this team. Jennifer has been an absolute Godsend to our family. We are so grateful to her for all of her assistance at this difficult time. Her tireless efforts on behalf of my parents has been truly amazing

esohe Odemwingie, September 21, 2021

Elizabeth Odani-Sibanyama, September 17, 2021

Tava Brown, September 15, 2021

Homecare Assistance is an agency that shows genuine compassion for their clients as well as their caregivers. The caregivers go through extensive training as well as personality trait exams prior to hiring. Owner of agency is very hands on with staff and has a great passion for serving the community

Tamara Mcbride, September 14, 2021

Jay Nelson, August 6, 2021

Herb Lobdell, July 12, 2021

Doing a really good job.

Cynthia Clark, June 14, 2021

My opportunity today to meet and greet these dedicated team of managers with the knowledge & compassion in helping their senior customers in various communities. This wonderful experience started as I came thru the door until I exit the door. Everyone I was introduced to had a smile and spoke in a manner that made you feel welcome. The services that they provide to others seemed to show that their heart is in it. They have the right young lady (Michelle)to greet you with her smile and energy. Call on Home Care Assistance for your love one...

Nancy Padgett, June 14, 2021

Holly Bagwell, June 7, 2021

As a senior placement advisor, I have been very pleased by the communications, programs and services this company provides to my clients.

Brannin PrideUX, May 3, 2021

Working with HCA of Park Cities has been a wonderful experience! They are self starters, know what they are doing and have brought a level of knowledge and expertise to our family's needs.

marsha Jackson, April 30, 2021

Over my experience was good. Really worked with my schedule and kept me busy when they had the work.

Erdal Sipahi, March 1, 2021

from the moment we reached out until my parents returned to self sufficiency post their hospital release HCA staff were wonderful. We had the best "home" care we could ever imagine for our parents. Gemma, Elizabeth were wonderful people, very competent in their job. we got our parents better than before and we returned them to their own self support which was a goal we accomplished only due to the competent staff at HCA. Thank you wonderful people at Home Care. Thank you Jennifer. I cant say enough.

Carol Ottaviano, February 24, 2021

They responded quickly to our need for care for our mother, worth just the right person! We are most grateful for the compassion and desire to meet our needs! Thank you!

Angela Rubey, February 3, 2021

Just needed basic information-rep was courteous, efficient, and empathetic. Will contact again if needed-great resource

Joan Hemstreet, December 29, 2020

Home Care Assistance of PC was wonderful to my mother. I could not have been happier with the care she received! Each and Every caregiver was professional, experienced, patient and kind to my mother and great about keeping our family updated on her daily activities. They watched her carefully and adjusted her care plan to best suit her changing needs. They were exceptional!

JBB, December 1, 2020

My prayer was that my physician Dad would receive the reciprocal, compassionate care that he gave his entire medical career during his final months and days in 2020. The powerful and dignified aging in place with the loving HCA caretakers did just that for him and our family: every day, every hour and every final minute that mattered. They genuinely cared, prayed and facilitated so many family communications during Covid-19 in an independent living facility with attention to details and grace. The Director of Client Care, Jennifer, guided her team every step through this most challenging of years. Special thanks to caretakers Gloria, Shawna, Britney and Pasqual for their extra special attention and love for our Dad. They are not MDs, nurses or hospice professionals. They are caretakers that have a love and heart for making a difference when it matters the most in our lives. Godspeed.

Isabella Martin, November 18, 2020

HCA is a dream come true for both workers and clients ,Shout out to Ms Anita,Ms Erika Ms Gayle And Ms Jennifer ,they go above and beyond to ensure clients and workers are safe , happy and comfortable. Thanks for everything

Olivia Lee, October 27, 2020


M.N. P.B., October 27, 2020

As a caregiver, I must say how truly blessed I am to be part of this amazing company. Not only are they there for their caregivers, but the genuine care for concern for the clients is amazing; makes you feel at home.

N Kaz, October 23, 2020

Shirley Thompson, June 3, 2020

I'm very happy with Home Care Assistance. My caregiver pays attention, sees what needs to be done, and gets it done. She's cheerful and respectful. I chose Home Care because their literature is well developed and comprehensive. Activities are encouraged and varied.

Peter Thomson, May 27, 2020

When it comes to assisting seniors at home, this team is outstanding. The quality of their caregivers is exceptional. It's very clear that they truly care about the people they serve. Many of their clients consider them as 'family.' I'm very impressed. Dallas and the Park Cities are very fortunate to have these caring and dedicated professionals in our community. I recommend them highly.

Dyzalicious !, May 26, 2020

I have been working with HCA for almost 2 years now and it definitely feels like we are a family. The caregivers - internal staff and clients all have the best level of communication i have ever seen. The level of management here is next to none, i have been blessed to be a part of this amazing agency. HCA is the answer to having your senior loved ones stay at home, heathy and thriving!!! Anita Adokpela.

Jeanie Glover, May 23, 2020

HCA came to my rescue when I was in desperate need for care for a close friend. I will continue to recommend HCA to all of my friends and family!

Joyce, May 22, 2020

Excellent service! Recommend for care.

Jennifer Green, May 22, 2020

This company goes above and beyond all expectations to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. One of their best qualities is they work together as a team. Therefore when you have a caregiver stay in the home with your loved ones that caregiver also has several coaches behind them helping take care of your loved ones to make sure they get the best quality of care. I think it's a great quality to have a team on your side when making sure your loved ones are taken care of.

Jessica Perez, May 22, 2020

I’m a caregiver since 2015. I love working for HCA of Dallas. All managers work together with all caregivers & clients! We all work together to keep clients safe and meet the clients needs! Erika Haro always responds when assistance is needed!! She’s the best!! Thank you! Thank you HCA of Dallas for being very supportive!

Danyel Barrett, May 22, 2020

Great team! Wonderful company overall!!

Erika Haro, May 22, 2020

Great Place to work!!! I love working for this company !! This company knows what they are doing and go the extra mile, in a professional and friendly way. They are service experts and get the work done and are very prompt. They put safety as the number one priority for employees and clients .They take the time to train you and could be a life changing opportunity for people who would like to achieve a greater career. If your looking for a career change or a job look no further. I highly recommend them.

Carole Anne Fowler, May 6, 2020

Yitzchok Freiwelter, October 6, 2019

Outstanding! Exceeded all expectations! HCA rescued me from a disability crisis. They came out the same day I called, made a care plan, gave me a shower, and made food. My daily caregiver began next day. Jennifer’s experience allows her to see what you need, and to make it happen almost instantly. She truly unburdens one from the stress of needing home care. The caregivers were far superior to those I have encountered in the past w services for my brother.

Paul Williams, July 21, 2019

My family has had an exceedingly great experience with Home Care Assistance and I recommend them without reservation. My wife is terminally ill and began needing daily care in May 2019 during the day while I was at work and on weekends as well. We hired Home Care Assistance based on a doctor’s recommendation. Jennifer is the manager and she and her predecessor worked hard to match us with the best member of their team. I selected the first aide and that was a mistake. She and my wife didn’t mesh well and it was clearly because I made the selection rather than my wife, who was still lucid and could communicate at that point. For the selection of the next aide, my wife did the choosing – obviously a better method. We were matched with Jessica P, the most outstanding caregiver we could have asked for. I could not recommend her more highly. She has been nothing less than an angel for our family in the most difficult time of our lives. Jessica took the time and energy to develop a personal relationship with my wife. As a result, Jessica intuitively understands what Emily needs or wants and has become the most important part of my wife’s care team. Jessica’s professional experience has been invaluable, as she knows precisely how to handle situations that baffle us. Jessica also navigates the family dynamic instinctively and effectively. Her bedside manner is gentle and caring. I cannot overstate how impactful Jessica has been over the last few, very difficult months. Further, Jennifer her manager checks in with me and visits our house regularly to ensure everything is going smoothly and that my family and I are getting what we want and need. Again, my experience with Home Care Assistance and its employees have been nothing short of outstanding.

Laura Sutherland, October 3, 2018

We could not have had a better experience. The care, compassion, expertise and warm, loving attitude of Jennifer out case manager was both inspirational and comforting. And Michael, my husband's personal caregiver was exceptional. Ken (hubby), keeps asking "when do I get to see Michael again?) Thanks, Mike for such exemplary care and . . .blessings on your new marital status!

A Williams, June 24, 2018

HCA has proven over the last 16 months how extraordinarily caring they really are! Each of our team members are amazing at providing comfort, safety, encouragement and a good healthy environment for the client (and family)! Administration and scheduling has been spectacular for our 24/7 needs! HCA has met all our challenges with great success! Thank you HCA!

Karen Weekes, May 22, 2018

Enjoy working with the two caregivers we have had. Both very professional and caring. They take good care of my dad 😊 Shannon is also Great! Always checking to make sure things are going well and she is very timely with her follow up with any questions we have. So glad we found y’all

Kyle Young, May 19, 2018

They do a great job and have excellent customer service. Plus most importantly my Mom really likes them too!

Nidham Alkoofee, May 18, 2018

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