Compassionate Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities Stroke Care Supports Recovery at Home

After a loved one has a stroke, families are suddenly faced with several challenges, and the greatest of these is ensuring their loved one gets reliable professional care as soon as possible. Stroke survivors often need a specific type and level of care that family members simply aren’t able to provide. At Home Care Assistance of Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities, TX, our stroke caregivers have the training, expertise, and experience to provide your loved one with the specialized care a stroke survivor needs. Your loved one will have the opportunity to recover surrounded by the comforts of home while receiving the utmost level of personal care, delivered with respect and dignity.

Specially Trained Stroke Caregivers Focus on the Whole Person

We know that for some stroke survivors, recovery can be frustratingly slow, leading to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. That’s why the compassionate, highly trained caregivers from Home Care Assistance Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities utilize a revolutionary integrated approach to stroke care that focuses on the whole person. Our caregivers go beyond your loved one’s physical needs and work on boosting recovery and enhancing quality of life by also attending to the mental, social, and emotional components of health.

All our stroke caregivers are trained in our Balanced Care Method, a holistic system of care that addresses overall wellbeing by encouraging physical and social activity, providing companionship and mental stimulation, and offering nonstop reinforcement that can help stroke survivors feel increasingly independent as they recover.

Using the Balanced Care Method, our stroke caregivers:

  • Deliver constant encouragement with compassion – Emotional challenges are common for stroke survivors. They often experience depression, anger, and frustration, and the expressions of support and encouragement our caregivers offer can boost emotional health.
  • Deliver constant encouragement with compassion – Our caregivers assist seniors with completing everyday tasks—such as dressing, bathing, preparing healthy meals, and light housekeeping—while treating them with the highest level of dignity and continually fostering their sense of independence.
  • Deliver constant encouragement with compassion – Stroke survivors often have to relearn physical skills. Our caregivers coordinate with your loved one’s medical provider to ensure therapy is done safely and follows the doctor’s directions.
  • Deliver constant encouragement with compassion – Our caregivers and clients are meticulously matched according to similar interests and common personality characteristics. Meaningful long-term relationships are often the result.

Learn How Our Flexible Plans Can Meet Your Needs

We know how strokes can pose immense challenges for both survivors and their families. Fortunately, we’re here to help you along every step of the way so your loved one can recover safely in the comfort of home. Whether your loved one needs occasional assistance or around-the-clock care, we’ll help you develop a customized stroke care plan that’s the right fit. For high-quality, compassionate, professional care, reach out to Highland Park, University Park, Park Cities Home Care Assistance. Call one of our dedicated Care Managers today at (214) 363-3400 to learn how our in-home care services can enhance your loved one’s quality of life.